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Rebound Resilience Tester


Rebound Resilience Tester is a consistent tool useful for evaluating the ability of rubber and its products to absorb shocks or impact forces.

Resilience also known as the ability to impact forces and absorb shocks and to reduce their effects is a prime factor of coated fabric and rubbers. One of the best methods used to determine the impact resilience strength of solid rubbers is totally dependent on the measurement of the rebound height of a standard plunger after it is dropped from a determined height on the surface of a sample kept under test. The equipment is designed with a solid base to initiate stable reading. The equipment has a steel scale that measures the impact rebound. It is quite essential to check the rebound properties of material.

The Testing Instrument is supplied complete with an Instruction Manual along with Calibration Certificate traceable to NABL approved Labs.

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Presto’s Rebound Resilience Tester is a testing instrument widely used for estimating the capacity of rubber and its products to understand shocks or impact forces. The elasticity of the material is defined as its capacity to absorb shocks and reduce their effects. Determining the resilience of a rubber good or coated fabric is a major property used to determine the durability of a product. The tester strictly complies with ASTM and related standards.

The instrument is  based on the principle of measurement of the altitude of rebound of a standard needle. The needle is dropped from a standard height on the surface of the test sample under test. The testing equipment is mounted on a solid base to facilitate accurate results. The testing machine has a steel scale to gauge the impact rebound. The instrument is must have for all industries and laboratories where it is important to determine the rebound properties of a product such as rubber.

The lab testing instrument is fabricated on a metal base plate and finished in Blue and Autumn Gray combination along with zinc and bright chrome to provide a rust free finish.

    • The equipment is incorporated with a measurement scale with a maximum length of 400mm.
    • Test specimens of width 6.0 mm to 90.0 mm can be tested with the instrument.
    • The laboratory equipment is equipped with a plunger guide with a diameter of 6.3 mm and weight 28 +/- 0.5 g
    • Maximum dropping height can be set to 400 +/- 1mm.

    Related Standard:

    ASTM D 2632 – 1979: Test standard for checking the resilience of Rubber by Vertical Rebound.

    • The instrument provides highly accurate results.
    • High Grade Steel Structure
    • Lightweight and resilient
    • Low Maintenance
    • Frictionless Plunger movement over guide rod
    • Clamping Springs to secure the specimen

Reviews of Rebound Resilience Tester

  1. Puneet Jha
    24 Dec, 2015

    Rebound resilience tester is a good tool to test the impact resilience of the solid rubbers. The makers of the equipment followed the standard guidelines and the machine is very comfortable to work with. Rebound properties with stable reading and convenient operation. A very helpful testing equipment.

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