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Push Pull Tester

Presto’s Push Pull Tester are mechanical strength gauges designed basically to determine the tension and compression test. Presto offers two types of push-pull testers say, horizontal tester and vertical tester. With the help of these instruments, specimens can be tested vertically or horizontally as per the requirement of the users.

Push Pull Tester provides solutions to a large number of force gauging applications. The system is equipped with Peak load lock and analog meter that offers reliable and consistent testing to check the pull-off or push force of various products.

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    • It is a hand operated force gauge incorporated with an analogue meter that can measure up to the range of 20 Kgf (Other ranges are available on request).
    • The machine is equipped with a Peak Load Lock.
    • The machine is duly powder coated.
    • The instrument has a least count of 0.2 Kg
    • Accuracy: ± 0.1% within entire range.
    • Dial Divisions: 150 Divisions

    • It is easy to operate and a handy instrument.
    • The laboratory equipment supplied complete with a calibration certificate and instruction guide,
    • The test samples can be tested both horizontally and vertically.
    • The instrument is provided with a sturdy and robust carry case.
    • Dial Gauge to display results in Kg.
    • IMADA Japan imported precise Push Pull Gauge
    • Highly accurate test results under push-pull force
    • Self-calibration facility 5 Kg

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