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As per the industrialists, the quality of the rubber component lies in the hands of the composer. Presto Stantest is engaged in offering quality rubber testing instruments to the rubber industries from last 31 years. The list of our customers has now spread across the complete supply chain, whether they are the high tech manufacturers or a producer in equatorial regions.

We design and manufacture, testing-instruments using top quality and technology based raw material. We help the manufacturers in gauging numerous mechanical properties of a rubber components like viscosity, hardness, elasticity, compression strength and many more using various machines.

With our team of experts, we are capable enough in manufacturing and supplying unique and useful laboratory testing machines fabricated with high quality raw material. We offer testing instruments in different sizes to fulfil the demand of different customers. Testing-Instruments provides a complete range of Presto’s laboratory test machine to the customers  as per their specific requirement.

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A best Weapon for Rubber Goods Manufacturers

A best Weapon for Rubber Goods Manufacturers

Bennewart Flex Tester is widely used in the laboratories of rubber manufacturing industries. It helps to determine the resistance of elastomers to engrave the expansion while performing repeated flexing. It is a well-known testing apparatus used to assess the consequences occur on the surface of a m...

A Hardness Measurement device – “Shore A” Hardness Tester

With the increasing demand for high-quality products, manufacturers in every production vertical are focusing on various testing techniques before commencing the manufacturing procedures. Now–a-days, Laboratory Testing instruments are in much demand to fulfill the same. Rubber Testing Instruments ar...

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