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Preform Thickness Gauge – Digital


Presto’s Preform thickness gauge – digital is used for precise measurement of preform thickness and concentricity. The instrument is compatible with most 28mm and 38mm finish performs. The instrument supports preform inspection and blowing operations with single-stage machinery.

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    • It offers changeable measuring and positioning.
    • The testing instrument has LCD Digital Display which is changeable to mm or inch.
    • The Digital Display Resolution of the machine is ±0. 01 mm
    • The test can be Preformed up to the Maximum length of 215mm and covers the minimum internal diameter of 12mm

    • The Presto Preform Thickness Tester is manually operated.
    • It has an adjustable positioning gauge which has a high accuracy LCD digital Display.
    • Reliable instrument and simple to use.
    • Perfect for small size preform manufacturing industries.

2 Reviews of Preform Thickness Gauge – Digital

  1. Amresh Jayara
    17 Dec, 2015

    Earlier I was getting many complaints regarding the quality of the preform thickness as I was not using any machine to test the thickness of preforms. I read about the product on testing-instruments.com and purchased in immediately. The instrument is very easy to operate. It helped me a lot to measure the quality of Preforms. I am grateful to Presto for designing such a useful product.

  2. Nagesh
    30 Dec, 2015

    I recommend Presto’s Preform thickness gauge for everyone who wants to measure the thickness of the preform with great accuracy.

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