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Polarising Projection Microscope


Presto’s Polarising Projection Microscope for Textile Industry provides most accurate inspection, assessment and precise measurement of Yarn under Polarized Light. The effects of this light enhance the sharpness and clarity of test sample many folds more than the projection Microscope with Normal Lights Effects.

The Microscope is essential for performing following Tests:

  • Evaluation of Yarn Hairiness.
  • Measurements of Yarn Thickness.
  • Maturity Test for Cotton Fibers.
  • Evaluation of Mercerization of Yarn.
  • Identification of fibers, etc.

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Presto’s Polarising Projection Microscope is used to assess and inspect yarn or fiber under polarized light. The instrument is equipped with a 200mm round grounded screen which is fabricated with fine grain glass, rotated up to 360 Degree on ball bearings and it also has a Fresnel lens following it for uniform and brilliant illumination throughout the area of the screen.

The coaxial constructed mechanical stage is connected for convenient and comfortable manipulation of sample slides. Center of attention is done by coarse adjusting by rack-pinion, the vertical progress of the stage and fine movement with the help of screw lever mechanism gripped by graduated knob.

The instrument is supplied complete with 100-watt halogen bulb with low voltage, electronic fuse, and solid state light control transformer.

    • The instrument can be operated easily at 220 Volts, 50 Hz, Single Phase AC Supply.
    • It has 360Rotatable screen that can be calibrated with the micrometer (provided with the machine).
    • The machine is equipped with variability controlled light intensity meter.
    • It is available with following objective – 5x, 10x, 20x and 40x.
    • The machine provides has Magnification of 125x to 1000x.

    • The laboratory equipment supplied complete with a Micrometer slide, dust cover, spare bulb and fuse in a cardboard box.
    • The machine comes complete with user manual.
    • It provides reliable and accurate results.

Reviews of Polarising Projection Microscope

  1. Arun
    24 Dec, 2015

    This instrument has really made it easy to analyze the various aspects related to the yarn profile of the products. Really impressive performance.

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