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Ozone Chamber – Computerised Touch Screen Chamber

Ozone test is important part of rubber processing unit. It determines the resistance of rubber to crack in presence of ozone in the atmosphere. In this test, an atmosphere having variable amount of ozone is simulated for predefined time. The test is performed in absolutely controlled manner.

Presto’s Ozone Chamber is an extended version of ordinary chambers. It allows computer connectivity and has a user-friendly touch screen operation. The value of ozone and other parameters can be easily set with touchscreen panel. The results of ozone test are completely visual observation. It works on a wide range of ozone pphm level, thus is considered as a perfect fit for different industries where ozone testing is required. Presto’s Ozone Chamber Touch Screen Computerized model is built to perform in various challenging environments. HMI or human machine interface Touch Screen is specifically for mutual communication and information exchange. Along with all the specifications of Digital Model, it is introduced with some unique features.

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    • Provides highly accurate and precise test results for better quality management.
    • Can be used for accelerated ageing research.
    • Supports multilingual screen editing.
    • Solenoid door interlock.
    • High degree of accuracy.

    • Touch screens comply with CE & UL approved IP65 / NEMA4 standards.
    • UV Absorption Ozone Measurement.
    • Quick response time of the test cycles.
    • High degree of accuracy.
    • PLC based control system.
    • Solenoid door interlock.
    • 8′ TFT LCD 65536 colours
    • Function keys
    • ARM9 32-bit CPU
    • 8M Flash Memory
    • 640 x 480 pixels
    • Supports SM card
    • 512 K bytes SRAM
    • USB 1.1 for high-speed screen data download
    • Supports multilingual screen editing.

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