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Oxygen Index Tester

Presto’s Oxygen Index Tester is exclusively designed equipment required in various industries like Rubber, Textiles, Cables, Plastics, Laminates, Nylon, Paints & Surface Coatings, etc. used in aircrafts and road electronics, trains, ships, computers and tele-communications. The instrument is used to determine the minimum percentage of oxygen required to support flaming combustion of a material at FTA mode (at room temperature) or at HFTA mode (up to 400 Degree Celsius).

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The test procedure describes a method to measure the minimum concentration of oxygen in a flowing mixture of nitrogen and oxygen that supports flaming combustion. The test method is applicable to a wide range of products like Cables, Polymers, Rubbers, Textiles, etc. according to the need of HFTA or FTA mode. In addition to Rotameter, it expresses the percentage of oxygen that is digitally indicated with the help of Oxygen Meter.

    • The instrument has double walled flame resistant glass of diameter 75mm and 450mm long.
    • The machine is equipped with Rota Meters of 0.625 to 6.25 liter per minute for oxygen and 1.05 to 10.5 liter per minute for nitrogen.
    • The temperature range can be set up to Up to 199°C x 1°C.
    • The machine has a digital timer that depicts timer up to 999 seconds x 1 second.

    • The product is suitable for testing different samples of different sizes in flammability or heated apparatus mode.
    • The machine strictly adheres to ASTM D-2863; BS:2782 Part-141; Draft IS: ETDC 59 (2240/58); ISO 4589 – 3; ISO: 4589 -2; and IS 13501:1992.
    • Easy to Operate – User needs only to ignite sample and adjust gas flow.
    • It provides flexible sample testing. The test specimen may be in composite form, rod or film.
    • It provides uniform combustion atmosphere with Nitrogen and oxygen in the chamber.
    • The lab equipment is fabricated with micro-adjustable flow meters that allows correct control of gases.
    • It also comprised of twin gas flow meters with organized needle valves and certified conformance to ±0.5% · The pressure gauges supports the range up to 100 psi.

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