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Din Abrasion Tester in Nigeria

The DIN Abrasion Tester in Nigeria is one of the simplest options for testing the abrasion resistance of the materials used in different industries. The instrument offered by Presto is used for testing the effect of abrasion on different materials such as rubber, thermosetting plastics, polymers and so forth. The test results are determined by weighing the specimen before and after the test which tells the users about the material removed from the specimen as well as the abrasion resistance of the products. The device offered by Presto is very simple in operation and can be operated very easily.

The compliance of the instrument with international standards make it applicable for international markets also.

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Presto’s DIN Abrasion Tester for Nigeria is a commonly used testing instrument in different industries to test the abrasion resistance of the materials like elastomers, plastics, polymers, and rubber. The user-friendly operation of the equipment ensures fast and accurate test results. In addition to that, there are many features compiled by the machine like adjustable limit switches, automatic electric lock and mechanical lock for the abrasive holder. The instrument complies with all the required standards prescribed by the regulating authorities and is provided with a conformance certificate and user guide.

    • Two loads can be used for performing the test according to the requirements. The values of these loads are 5 N and 10 N.
    • The roller that is fitted with the instrument is 150 mm in diameter and 460 mm in length.
    • The speed of the rotation of the roller is 40 rpm.
    • The holder of the abrasive can move at a rate of 4.2 mm in a single rotation.
    • The dimensions of the machine are 95 X 36 X 46 m.
    • The power supply required by the device for operation is 220 volts AC single phase.
    • The net weight of the instrument is 75 kilograms and the weight after packaging is 85 kilograms.

    • The instrument can be operated easily without the need for any special training.
    • The device is assembled with an electric lock with automatic working which stops the roller immediately after the test cycle is completed.
    • The mechanical lock provided with the abrasive holder is best for replacing the abrasive without any trouble.
    • The adjustable limits switches of the machine helps in preventing the over travel of the holder.



    IS 3400 (part 3)-2012

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