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PET Bottle Top Load Tester

PET Bottle Top Load Tester is the best and widely used testing device in the PET & Preform testing laboratories that help to test the buckling load that a PET bottle can bear to its maximum so that best bottles can be delivered to the customers. The testing machine can efficiently judge the behavior of the bottles when they are subjected to compressive load. When PET bottles are stacked at the time of storage, warehousing or transportation, a huge amount of compression force is exerted on the bottles that lead the bottles to get compressed and damage the quality of the bottles and sometimes the liquid filled in these bottles also get spilled off. So, it is necessary to test the compression strength of the PET Bottles. The best way to judge the Top Load strength of the bottles is PET Bottle Top Load Tester. The instrument is designed to judge the compressive strength of the bottles efficiently and easily.

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Presto offers highly reliable PET bottle Top load tester that gives accurate test analysis of the behavior of PET bottles under extremely high load with greater accuracy.

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