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Ozone Aging Chamber

Ozone is the crucial factor that affects the durability and working life of the rubber products and polymers. When the rubbers and related products are exposed to Ozone for a long period of time, it negatively affects the quality and performance of the products. Therefore, it is the major responsibility of the manufacturers in rubber industries to test the effect of ozone concentration on rubbers to ensure the actual working life of the product and its durability. The Ozone Aging Chamber is the best and highly effective testing instrument which is used to test the effects of ozone concentrated environment on the rubber products. This also helps the manufacturers in ensuring that their product is capable enough to bear the impact of ozone at the time of its usage. Presto’s Ozone Ageing Chamber is the best testing device which is used in industries to produce the best quality of the products and to test their endurance against ozone.

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