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Bennewart Flexing Machine

A crack due to Flexing is one of the major problems that usually occur with rubber products that are utilized in different industries as a raw material for the purpose of manufacturing. When actual working conditions are provided for the rubber products such as continuous flexing, at a point of time cracks are generated on the surface of the rubbers which shows poor quality of the rubbers. Hence, the manufacturers need to test the flex resistance strength of the products to produce the premium quality of rubber products. This can be tested using Bennewart Flexing Machine. It is one of best testing instrument that helps to analyze the flexing behavior of the rubbers when they are subjected to the actual working environment.



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Presto Stantest offers the superlative quality of Bennewart Flexing Machine to test the flex resistance strength of the rubbers and related products. The testing machine offers highly accurate and precise results.

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