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MBTL Fastness Tester


MBTL Fastness Tester is used to determine the color fastness and degradation of textiles to Sunlight. All dyed material experience change in colour when exposed to daylight, for a sufficiently long period, because of the action of sunlight.

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The color fastness is represented by the number of the light fastness custom fabric that has changed color to the same extent as the test sample. It is represented as the numerical rating for light fastness. The testing instrument comprises of a metal hollow cylinder, open from both ends. The apparatus is equipped with a 500 watt MBTL fading lamp which is mounted centrally for constant light distribution around the circumference. It is also fabricated with the hour meter with buzzer and an hour totaliser. Four sample holders are installed in the machine at equal distance inside the cylinder along with metal sheet to cover half portion of each sample. The testing equipment also provides cooling arrangements with water flow, as the temperature reaches up to 800 C. The machine is duly supplied with horizontal pump and a water tank.

    • The unit is supplied with one MBTL lamp of 500 watt.
    • The machine has digital pre-settable timer for controlling the test duration.
    • Hour totaliser for lamp running duration.
    • Three water cooled rectangular sample holders are supplied with the machine.
    • Fifty type C cylindrical shape holders.
    • One fluid control filler.
    • One gray scale to measure the changes in color.
    • One automatic voltage stabilizer.
    • Plastic tubes.
    • Machine is equipped with stainless steel clamps to hold the specimen.
    • One unit of stainless steel water circulation unit.

    Related Standards – BS EN ISO 105-G02:1997

    • The machine supplied with User Manual and Conformance Certificate.
    • The instrument is useful for all major industries.
    • Smooth accurate & precision engineered component for excellent performance.

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