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Martindale Abrasion cum Pilling Testers Digital Model

Presto’s Martindale Abrasion cum Pilling Tester is used to ensure the abrasion as well as pilling resistance of the fabric. The testing instrument is widely used in textile industries. The machine is designed to subject sample under test to a controlled amount of chafing at relatively low pressure and in continuously varying directions to ensure that all surface fibres on the test sample are bound to compare the resistance of fabrics to abrasion.

The instrument is used to gauge the pilling resistance as well as adhesion of the fabric. The machine is used to produce a controlled amount of rubbing at very low temperature and from various directions to ensure that the specimen is bound to compare the resistance from all the ends.

Martindale Abrasion cum Pilling Tester is a highly accurate and high-quality tester. It consists of four plates on which fabric specimen is attached; these plates are mounted on the base plate. The machine is equipped with three cranks, a motor, and pegs. These accessories help to rotate the revolving plate, duly affixed to the machine. The revolving plate has four sleeves on it. The sample holders for pilling or abrasion testing are there on the machine. To perform the test, the proper pressure is exerted on the test samples with the help of predetermined weights.

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    • The machine is equipped with two cutters having diameters of 140mm and 38mm respectively.
    • It has 4 numbers of clamps and four loading pins to hold the specimen tightly.
    • It can easily be operated in Single phase 230 V AC power supply and consumes power of 150 Watt. It requires frequency of 50 Hz.
    • Display: LED (Digital)
    • Accuracy: ± 0.2% on full scale
    • Power: 15A, 220V, Single phase, 50 Hz
    • Loading Weights: 9KPa, 12KPa
    • Motor: ½ HP, 1440 rpm, Induction Motor
    • Timer : 5 Digits, Digital Preset type
    • Rotation: Lissajous pattern on 16 counts
    • Sensor: PNP
    • Total Stroke of outer and inner pegs: 60.5 ± 0.5 mm
    • Circumferential parallelism of sample holders to abrading tables: + 0.05 mm

    • It is designed with variable loads of 9 KPa and 12 Kpa for apparel and Upholstery respectively to test the products as per different standards.
    • The machine is equipped with pre-settable digital counter.
    • The instrument has latest drive mechanism with no running voice.
    • Highly accurate test results under uniform pressure by weights
    • Display of set time
    • Designed with variable load 9KPa (for apparel) and 12KPa (for Upholstery) to test in different standards
    • Ergonomically designed with Bright LED display
    • Drive Mechanism for vibration and noise free operation
    • Emergency stops in case of malfunctioning

    Related Standards

    • BS 3424, ASTM 4966 – 98 (2007) E1, ISO 5470, ISO 5470: 2009, BS 3424, ASTM D4966 – 12e1

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  1. Mathew
    24 Dec, 2015

    Thanks to Presto’s Martindale Abrasion cum piling tester, now I am able to eliminate the problem of abrasion and piling from my products very easily with the help of thing instrument.

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