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Lux Meter

Presto’s Lux meter is widely used in Paint & Plating Industry. It is basically meant for photometric measurement in various agriculture and botanical fields that can determine all kinds of lights and reflections. Range with a Lux meter can be measured up to 200000 Lux Unit.

Lux Meter is a testing tool used to measure the illuminance mainly the brightness with which the intensity appears to the human eye. This is completely different from the effect of actual light energy reflected from an object. Lux is a unit to measure the intensity or illuminance of a product for accurate readings.

A lux meter works with the help of photo cell duly installed in the instrument, used to capture the light. The lux meter then translate the light to an electrical form and allows the instrument to calculate the value of the light captured.

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Presto offers an advance range of lux meters. The testing instrument is widely used for the accurate measurement of brightness in research, industries and testing labs. Our instrument is highly considered for solid designs and ease of use. The testing Instrument has a sensitive sensor that provides highly accurate data. The laboratory machine is supplied complete with conformance certificate and user manual.


    • The testing Instrument has a sensitive sensor.
    • The portable instrument works on 9 Volts dry battery.
    • The machine has digital display with max 200000 Lux unit.

    • The machine provides highly accurate and reliable results.
    • The laboratory instrument is supplied with conformance certificate and user manual.

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