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DIN Abrasion Tester for Kenya

The DIN Abrasion Tester for Kenya is an efficient testing instrument that is offered by Presto and is used in different industries for testing the resistance provided by a material to abrasion. The device is used for testing abrasion resistance of materials such as elastomers, rubber, polymers, and plastics. The device is designed in a way that it accurately examines the abrasion resistance of the test specimen. The manufacturers can easily ensure stronger and better quality products delivered to the clients with this instrument. The device is in conformance with all the essential quality testing standards.

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Presto is a major exporter of DIN Abrasion Tester for Kenya that is utilized in the majority of industries where materials like polymers, rubber, thermosetting plastics, etc. are used. The instrument is capable of effectively testing the abrasion resistance of such materials with great accuracy. The device is equipped with a holder fitted with high-quality abrasive material which offers adequate abrasion on the test specimen. The machine is also provided with safety features such as limit switches, automatic electrical lock and mechanical lock for easy operation of the machine.

The device is provided complete along with a user manual and a conformance certificate.

    • The device is supplied with a holder that holds the abrasive material which can be utilized for exerting two different values of test forces with values 5 N and 10 N.
    • The test roller of the device has a length of 460 mm and has a diameter of 150 mm.
    • The traveling speed of the holder that holds abrasive is 1.2 mm after each rotation of the test roller.
    • The roller is equipped with a rotation speed of 40 rpm.
    • The distance that can be covered by the abrasive holder in 84 counts is 40 meters.
    • The size of the device is given as follows: 95 cm X 36 cm X 46 cm.
    • The approximate weight of the instrument is 75 kilograms that become 85 kilograms.

    • The device has a very simple operation, and no special training is needed for that.
    • The device is also given with an electric lock which stops the machine after the test cycle is completed.
    • The device is also provided with a mechanical system of the unlocking system which is god for easy replacement of the abrasive material from the holder.
    • There are limit switches provided with the apparatus that can be adjusted according to the requirements for protection from over travel.

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