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IRHD Rubber Hardness Tester


IRHD or Rubber hardness tester helps to find out the hardness of rubber and its components. Hardness is one of the most significant properties which conclude the aptness of any component. Incorrect hardness may defeat the basic purpose for which the component is designed.

Hence, accurate and reliable determination of the hardness is extremely important in the rubber industry. Presto’s IRHD tester is mainly used to evaluate this important property. Owing to the supreme quality, these testers are exported to various international markets.

The method is extensively used in rubber and plastic industries. The hardness test method applies a determined test force to a conical shaped or spherical shaped indenter. This indenter is applied to the sample at the test force for a set time period. The following indentation is converted into a value by means of a dial gauge.

The Presto’s IRHD tester is equipped with a spherical indenter, which displaces the specimen under a minor and major weight. The differential indentation depth is considered and tabulated to read in IRHD degrees directly.

Presto’s IRHD rubber hardness tester is set up on a stiff metal base plate and painted with Blue and Autumn Gray combination color along with bright chrome zinc plating to provide a rust resistant finish. The instrument is designed as per ASTM and DIN standards.

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    • The machine has an Indenter with the tip diameter of 2.50 mm.
    • The range of hardness can vary from 30 to 85 IRHD.
    • The pressure of the foot is 20 mm OD per 6 mm ID.
    • Force of 8.30 N± 1.5 N can be exerted on the pressure foot where contact force is 0.3 N± 0.02 N and indenting force is 5.40 Newton ± 0.01 N.
    • The machine can be operated easily on Electric supply of Single phase, 220 Volt AC.
    • Dial Gauge: 1
    • Locking screw: Yes(Brass Knurled Nut)
    • Material of Main Body: Stainless Steel

    • It’s very easy and user-friendly to operate.
    • The machine is supplied with user manual and conformance certificate.
    • The laboratory equipment provides accurate and reliable results
    • High-Quality rugged structure with corrosion resistant main body
    • Dial gauge to measure the hardness
    • Lightweight and resilient
    • Plunger rod for frictionless movement of indenter
    • Fast Guiding Mechanism with plunger rod
    • Single handed hassle-free operation with Spherical Indenter
    • Highly accurate test results

2 Reviews of IRHD Rubber Hardness Tester

  1. Daya Singh
    24 Dec, 2015

    The rubber hardness tester is a very efficient and useful tool to provide the accurate hardness of the rubber material. The hardness is crucial for the rubber industries and I worked for the rubber manufacturing industries so quality is always priority for us. The tester is helpful for quality controlling the rubber materials. I would like to thanks to the makers of the tester, good job.

  2. Tanishq
    29 Jan, 2016

    Determining the harness of rubber materials is easy and simple process with IRHD rubber harness tester. Try once if you love the rubber products.

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