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DIN Abrasion Tester in Indonesia

Presto manufacture and supplies Din Abrasion Tester in Indonesia to the manufacturers of rubber industries, plastic industries and in testing laboratories to test the abrasion resistance of polymers, elastomers, thermosetting plastics and many more. It is ssan extremely effective testing instrument which is used to test the permanence of the products in the highly abrasive environments. The testing device is designed to user-friendly features that can be operated by anyone easily without any special training. Whenever the material is placed on the instrument, the actual percentage of material is removed from the surface is considered as the abrasion resistance of the sample. The device is designed according to the national and international standards that fulfill the testing requirements of international markets as well.

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Presto offers Din Abrasion Tester in Indonesia to the manufacturers in different production verticals to measure the abrasion quality of the materials such as rubbers, polymers, elastomers and many more. There are numerous safety features provided with the instrument such as an electric lock that can be operated automatically to stop the roller, adjustable limit switches, mechanical lock to change the abrasive material from the roller and many more. The testing machine is used to perform the test for a longer time period. The testing device is designed on the basis of certain standards like ASTM, ISO, etc. and hence ensures accurate and precise test results.

    • 5 Newton and 10 Newton loads are provided with the instrument.
    • The diameter of the diameter is 150mm, and the length of the cylinder is 460mm.
    • Rotation of the roller is 40 rotations per minute.
    • The cylinder with the abrasive surface rotates with the speed of 4.2mm per minute.
    • The lab testing machine is operated on the power supply of Single Phase 220 Volts AC.
    • The dimension of the machine is 95cm x 36 cm x 46 cm.
    • The weight of the machine after packaging is 85 kg.

    • Easy to operate.
    • Automatic lock assembly to stop the roller on test completion.
    • Abrasive paper can be changed using the mechanical lock system.
    • The adjustable limit switches and footrest ensure ease and safety of operation.

    Related Standards:

    IS 3400 (part 3)-2012

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