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Testing Instruments in Uttarakhand

Testing instruments in Uttarakhand

Presto Group offers a wide range of testing instruments in Uttarakhand for different industries. Manufacturing industries like PET, Polymer, Textiles, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Rubber, Metals, etc cannot operate the manufacturing like without testing of raw materials and actual products. Any discrepancy in the final product may lead to spoilage of complete lot. So, it is always good to perform the testing on raw materials and samples to control any damage beforehand. This helps the industries save time and resources.

Our testing equipment are in compliance with international testing standards like ASTM and JIS. Test performed in accordance with these standards will give accurate test results and recognition at international level. If you are planning to incorporate testing procedure in your industry, we can help you. Our experts will guide you in choosing the right machine for your industry. If you want to set up a complete lab, our engineers can visit your site and decided the pre-requisites for ideal working conditions of the lab. Equipped with high-quality parts, our machines are designed to run successfully without any wear and tear with low maintenance cost. Just drop a service request form or call us for any demand for testing instruments in Uttarakhand.  

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