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Testing Instruments in Punjab

Testing instruments in Punjab

With the growing awareness regarding testing procedures among the manufacturers and with Punjab being a preferred destination for industrial growth, there is an increased demand for testing equipment in the region. To fulfil this demand, Presto Group has started its new channels for supplying testing instruments in Punjab. We have established a full sized team of coordinators and service engineers in the region. With this approach, we have decreased our response time considerably. Also, we have our service engineers scattered throughout the country, which makes it possible for us to reach the site in minimalistic time. As we emphasise on building relationships with our clients, we provide personalised assistance, be it purchase request or service request.

Our equipment are made with high precision and accuracy. Following the testing standards of ASTM, JIS, BIS and other related standards, our devices are meant to deliver high performance, when operated in ideal working conditions. Equipped with high-quality parts, our machines are made to perform long run tests and non-stop in some cases. This gives a high shelf life to our machines while reducing the cost of maintenance to an extent. If you have any requirements for testing instruments in Punjab, just contact us. 

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