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Testing Instruments in Lakshadweep

Testing instruments in Lakshadweep

Different industry verticals have different testing demands. For example, rubber testing industries must check for tensile strength, ash content in the sample, resistance towards weathering conditions; on the other hand, materials like corrugated fiberboards are needed to be tested for bursting strength, load bearing capacity, crush resistance strength, moisture analysis and so on. To fulfil the different demands of different industry verticals we are supplying a wide range of testing instruments in Lakshadweep. Our instruments are strictly following the test procedures issued by ASTM, BIS, JIS and other related testing standards. This assures high accuracy and precision in test results.

To respond quickly to the increasing demand of testing instruments in Lakshadweep , we have our zonal teams to handle queries arising from respective regions. As far as service is concerned, our service engineers are scattered across the country to resort service requests as quick as possible. We know the importance of quality and thus implement this on our products well. Our products are made with high parts which increase the shelf life and decreases maintenance cost drastically. We also undertake customization requests as per your demands. Our design engineers make sure that modified machines are not violating the testing procedures in any way. 

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