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What is Environmental Stress Cracking? How to Test it?

Plastic is one of the most favourite forms of packings. Due to its highly resisting and nonreactive properties, it is preferred for packing solid, liquids, powder and semi-solid materials. Also, the treatment of plastic is very cost effective in comparison to other materials. The moulding process is very easy with minimum deformities. But in some applications, it becomes important to understand the behaviour before incorporating it into the production cycle.ESCR test is most widely performed test to ascertain the properties of the plastic material.

Physical conditions in the surroundings gradually start affecting the properties of the material. The external strain developed in the material may result in visible cracks. Ozone cracking is one such example. Due to ozone attack on the rubber, cracks start to develop across the surface of the material. In plastics, temperature attack and free fall impact are some factors that considerably damage the material. To test the plastic material for environmental stress, ESCR tester is employed.Read Full Article...