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Humidity Test Chambers

PCC -800

Presto’s Humidity Test chambers can aid reliable testing by subjecting various products to environmental extremes like humidity, temperature.

Presto’s Humidity/Conditioning chamber is able to provide quick temperature change rates and humidity conditions required for analyzing the effects of ecological changes on the product. The product helps to judge the reliability and quality of various products like plastics, rubbers, electronic goods, automobile parts and semiconductor devices, etc. The procedure of the equipment relies on the principle of accelerated environmental testing.

Presto’s conditioning test chambers are ideally designed with sophisticated technology to maintain designated temperature and humidity at set points controllable by the user at the front control panel. The machine is equipped with highly insulated glass wool Ergonomic that ensures lowest heat loss ratio. The machine has completely digital controls.

Air is constantly circulated throughout the chamber which can be easily monitored from the transparent glass for comparison to set points and can be treated if necessary. Heating is done by the electric heaters that can turn on and turn off for temperature control.

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    • The inner body of the chamber is made up of Stainless Steel and the outer body is of Mild Steel duly powder coated.
    • The inner dimension of the laboratory instrument is 455 x 455 x 710 mm.
    • The temperature range can be set from 15ºC to 60ºC.
    • Ambient to 95 % humidity can be maintained in the chamber with the accuracy of +/-5% RH.

    • The testing instrument is equipped with the Digital Controller for measurement of accurate temperature and proper humidity control.
    • The chamber is equipped with humidity sensor for accurate results.
    • Touch sensitive controls for ergonomic relieve.
    • It requires low maintenance cost.
    • Temperature controls through PT-100 sensor
    • Alarm system with buzz sound at test end process
    • Highly accurate test results under uniform temperatures and humidity levels in the chamber
    • Digital Control for Humidity and Temperature
    • High Grade imported Glass Wool insulation
    • Maximum Thermal Efficiency by insulation means.
    • SSR-based heaters
    • Digital Preset timer with LED Display
    • Inbuilt Auto tuning function
    • Water Level Indicator
    • Equipped with rapid air circulation fan for uniform and homogenous heating , cooling, humidity,
      dehumidity inside the chamber
    • Inbuilt Calibration features with reference to master PID controller
    • Setting to RTD PT-100 sensor through advanced PID controller
    • Auto-stop feature to stop machine at set time
    • Time totalizer to calculate the no. of Hours run by the instrument

2 Reviews of Humidity Test Chambers

  1. Laxman Prasad
    16 Dec, 2015

    Humidity chamber is advisable to those who believes to protect their materials from damage under different environmental conditions. A very safe and reliable chamber to determine the aftereffect of the bad weather on a product. Excellent machine.

  2. nishant kumar
    18 Dec, 2015

    Best equipment to check the effect of different environmental conditions on the physical properties of the materials. I don’t know about the other products, but I have used the device for testing the quality of rubbers, and the results were awesome.

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