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Go No Go Gauge

PGNG – 0122

Presto’s Go No Go Gauge are accurate gauges designed and manufactured on the basis of the highly accurate CNC machine. The machines provide Go No Go combinations.

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    • The Go- No Go combination gauges are for 38mm and 28 mm 2 liters PET bottles.
    • These are the quality control gauges for checking the threaded tops of plastic containers and glass containers.
    • The instrument is used to check the threads, spacing and outside diameter, etc.
    • The instrument has a taper lock finish.
    • The instrument is constructed using hardened steel with chrome plate finish.
    • It is fabricated with a UNF type thread of class 2B with the thread size of 0-80
    • The instrument is supplied with certificate of traceability and accuracy.

    • The instrument is designed with perfect depth and dimensions of holes, length and thickness, outside diameter.
    • The instrument is fabricated with internal and external threading support.
    • It has holes and grooved shafts of perfect radii and angles.


    The instrument is used for checking the threaded tops of plastic container and glass containers.

Reviews of Go No Go Gauge

  1. Pranab Das Mukherjee
    18 Dec, 2015

    Now measuring the Go No Go combinations of the bottles is now becomes easy. The device has perfect dimensions and diameters of holes. The grooved shafts of the device are perfect. I am thankful to Presto for delivering the product on time.

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