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Dumbbell Cutting Press : Hydraulic Type

Presto’s Dumbbell Cutting Press meant specially to cut samples with the help of appropriate cutting dies. It is used mainly in the rubber industry for cutting samples as per the requirement. The testing Instrument ensures reliability and accuracy.

Dumbbell cutting press incorporates with a hydraulic press in which dumbbell cutting die is placed on a plate with its edge in a downward direction. The sample is placed on a moving plate below the die. The machine also has the hydraulic jack to move the plate along with the sample. Presto offers Dumbell cutting die as an optional accessory with Dumbell Cutting Press.

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    • The machine is incorporated with a hydraulic type press
    • It has a die which is seized in a fixed plate with its boundaries facing downwards.
    • The capacity of the equipment is 2.5 ton.
    • Test Fluid: Hydraulic Oil

    • The machine is built on a metallic plate duly painted in Autumn Gray and Blue combination with bright chrome plating for rust resistance finish.
    • The equipment is available with an instruction manual and a calibration certificate
    • Instrument strictly designed and manufactured as per ASTM and related standards

2 Reviews of Dumbbell Cutting Press : Hydraulic Type

  1. Raman
    24 Dec, 2015

    Very helpful tool to cut the samples of rubber with reliability and accuracy. The hydraulic press, and hydraulic jacks are useful features for proper placement of the sample on moving plate. I have also ordered the dumbell cutting press to aid the testing procedure. A good tool for accurate and efficient cutting of the rubber materials.

  2. Trilok
    25 Jan, 2016

    The dumbbell cutting press is great to cut samples as per the need of the industries. We ordered the tool and we get what we were looking for a long time.

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