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Dumbbell Cutting Press – Wheel Type

Dumbbell cutting press is widely used in the rubber industry for cutting the test samples. The samples required for tensile testing should be in the shape of dumbbell of specified dimensions. In order to get the perfect samples, a cutting die and press is required. Presto’s dumbbell cutting press -wheel type is widely used in different industries.

It comes with an optional die of predefined sizes as per the relative standard organisation. The sample is placed on the platform and a wheel is rotated manually to apply pressure on the sample. The manual arrangement is good enough to prepare samples for rubber testing.

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    • The machine is built on a metallic plate duly painted in Autumn Gray and Blue combination with bright chrome plating for rust resistance finish.
    • The equipment is available with an instruction manual and a calibration certificate
    • Instrument strictly designed and manufactured as per ASTM and related standards

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