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Drop Tester for Bottles

Drop test is a very important test for bottling industry. It helps in determining the resistance of bottle against a free fall. The possible damage and bursting can be estimated with this test. The test is designed as per IS: 7028, Part IV standard. It is very important that bottles are appropriately tested for transportation conditions. The transport values alert the transporter to handle the bottles with care. Mishandling may lead to the product failure. The test can be performed one time or can be repeated to adjudge, how far a bottle can resist the free fall drop repeatedly.

To perform this test, the sample bottle is placed on the platform and taken to a certain height and dropped. A visual analysis is done to see the possible damages. The bottle can be made to fall in different ways, like straight and angular. During stacking and transit, the bottles are often mishandled. Any chipping of bottle may lead to straight way rejection from the retailer or may result in bursting. Thus, to assure the quality, the tests are while designing the bottle, prior to mass production.

Presto is a premium manufacturer of Drop tester for bottles that have been used in a variety of industries for accurate and precise quality assurance. PRESTO Drop Tester has provision with angular drop arrangement to help accurately ascertain the free-falling drop worthiness of the bottles from all angles. The drop carriage is accelerated straight downwards imparting no rotational forces and ensuring flat drop.

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    • Maximum Load Capacity: Upto 50 Kg
    • Sample Mounting Table Size: 465 * 445 mm
    • Minimum Drop Height: 0.75 m
    • Maximum Drop Height: 1.8 m

    Type of tests:

    • Straight Drop
    • Angular Drop
    • Safety: Locking pin

    • Provision to uplift test platform by guide mechanism
    • Drop Height adjustable clamp
    • Sample holder to clamp bottle and test drop impact on the bottle
    • Straight and Angular Drop tests can be performed on a single Instrument
    • Strong base plate with rugged structure

    Standards :

    IS: 7028 Part IV

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