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Digital Binocular Microscope


Binocular Stereo Microscope is a consistent tool with two optical systems to look at an image in three dimensions. These microscopes are used in industries like electronics, plastic, semiconductor, geology, mineralogy, food, gemology, etc. Comes with adjusting focusing knobs (interpupillary and Diopter) and revolving nosepiece. Highly accurate and reliable instrument to measure the smart objects not clearly visible to human eye.

Presto’s Binocular Microscope is used for studying small objects and microbes which cannot be observed by the naked eye. The microscope is packed in a wooden box that ensure safety.

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Presto’s Digital Binocular Microscope testing instrument comprises of:

  • Coaxial focusing system with Tension Adjustment Ring and Pre-Focusing Lever.
  • Mechanical stage size 125mmX135mm is having low positioned coaxial controls on ball bearing guideways.
  • Reverse angle quadruple nosepiece revolves on a ball bearing.

    • The machine has transmitted light system with 12V – 10W halogen TL.
    • The testing instrument has diopter adjustment rings on both ocular tubes with the distance from 55mm to 75mm.
    • Wide field eyepieces.
    • Working distance is 115mm.
    • Observation Head: Binocular Head inclined at 45º through 360º by interpupillary distance
    • Focus: Through Rack and Pinion arrangement
    • Magnification: 20X & 40X or 10X & 30X
    • Illumination Base: Plain Surface

    • The system is operated with an intensity control knob and with a transformer.
    • On/Off switch for flexible operations by using either one or both lights.
    • Equipped with a clip to hold a specimen.
    • Zoom control option is also available.
    • Easy visual quality inspection
    • Binocular head for observation at 45º angle
    • Revolving nosepiece through 90º
    • Rack and Pinion arrangement with adjustable tension collar

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