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Presto’s Digital Balance / Weighing Balance is a must have a testing instrument for plastic container laboratories and at the line inspection stations. It is a versatile instrument which is available with a digital display for simple operations and accurate weight measurements. This unit is best for volume fill-height measurement and section weight activities.

The machine has high accuracy weight measurement for preforms, containers, and bottles. The testing machine is used for bottle weight, performs and fill measurements.

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    • The capacity of the machine is 210 grams.
    • The digital display of the machine offers readability up to 0.0001 grams or 0.1 mg.
    • It provides repeatability of 0.1 mg.
    • The digital balance provides the results in different weighing units like grams, milligrams.

    • The machine has a large LCD display and ergonomic leveling for easy operation and setup.
    • The machine supports RS 232 for connecting printer to the machine and for the computer security bracket.(optional)
    • The machine offers different user selectable weighing units.
    • The portable instrument has a rugged design that ensures its long lasting life.

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