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De-Mattia Flex Tester

De-Mattia Flex tester is a consistent tool useful for checking the resistance of vulcanized rubber or synthetic elastomers to cut growth. The rubber materials form cracks when subjected to repeat flexing or to bend under specified conditions or duration. Cracks develop in part of the surface where stress is developed during flexing or if part initially contains cracks to extend in a direction perpendicular to the stress.

Rubber products have the capacity to hold repeated flexing without increasing cracks. This quality is very important to judge where one need to use such products in varied circumstances where they suffer repeated flexing.

Presto’s De-Mattia Flex Tester determines the flex resistance of rubber products. The instrument works by replicating the action of frequent flexing under standard conditions of degree, mode, and speed of flexing in the laboratory. It is one of the globally accepted procedures for determining flexing resistance.

Presto’s De-Mattia Flex tester provides information about the resistance of vulcanized rubber to flex cracking when placed to repeated flexing. During the cracks develop in the specimen due to flexing where tension is applied or if the part of the specimen is already cracked, tension performs more cracks to expand in a direction vertical to it.

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    • Six test specimens can be tested at a time.
    • Machine is equipped with nine digit electronic counters.
    • It is equipped with ¼ HP Motor that requires single phase power consumption of 230 Volts AC.Flexing Angle: 180º ± 2ºStroke Length: 170 ± 2 mm

      Counts: 300 ± 5 cycle/min

      Guide rod length: 370 mm

      Proximity sensor: Pnp

      Counter: 6- digit, Digital Preset(Cyclic counter)

      Counter Digits: 4 Digit (Preset)

      Motor: ½ HP

      Power: 220V, Single phase, 50 Hz, 15 A

    Related Standards:

    • IS 3400 (Part-7) -1967: Method of Test for Vulcanized Rubber Part 7: Resistance to Flex Cracking
    • IS 3400 (Part-8) – 1983: Method of Test for Vulcanized Rubber Part 8: Resistance to Crack Growth
    • ISO R 132 – 1983
    • ASTM D430-06 2012: Standard Test Methods for Rubber Deterioration – Dynamic Fatigue method B

    • It is built on a metallic base plate and painted in Autumn Gray and Blue color combination with a zinc plating to provide it a rust resistant finish.
      • Robust Construction with rigid metallic base
      • Digital Preset counter incorporated for accuracy and repeatability
      • Aesthetically designed using heavy metal guide rods
      • Ease of use of sample placements using flexing fixtures
      • Fully automatic test cycle after settings through digital preset cyclic counter
      • Sample held perpendicular while stress and crack development
      • Strong gripping system to hold samples in same vertical plane

2 Reviews of De-Mattia Flex Tester

  1. Geet bhandari
    24 Dec, 2015

    The de mattia flex tester judges the actual resistance of rubber products I am saying after my personal experience. It is a very good tester one must use to check the quality of the material under different circumstances. The tool helps to check the material under different conditions.

  2. Tapan
    25 Feb, 2016

    Very nice tool to check the repeated flexing condition and evaluate the resistance power of the rubber material. The instrument is standard and within the expectation of what a manufacturer needs. I am happy with the performance.

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