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Crock Meter – Motorized

A crock meter is used to check the colour fastness of the fabric with a motorised arrangement. The instrument has an arrangement to produce the continuous rubbing on the test sample using and abrasive finger which is almost of the size of forefinger. The samples that have tendency to bleed colour will leave coloured impressions on the abrasive fingers.

The testing equipment is operated with the help of a gear motor & the arm moves in wavering motion over the specimen with a particular load and a diameter (approx. of a forefinger). The Lab testing instrument is operated with the help of a gear motor. The machine has a digital counter of 3 digits, which enables the user to set the desired number of rubs and displayed on the counter as well. As per the testing requirements or industrial requirements, the number of rubs can be pre-fed in the machine. Based on your input, the machine will start running to assess the behaviour of the fabric with respect to the number of rubs. The whole process is controlled by pressure weight that are applied on the samples during rubbing.

Presto’s Crock meter – motorised is one of the best solutions available to check the colour fastening tendency of the fabric. Apart from the fabric, it can be used on rubber to check the print fading tendency.

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    • It is an upgraded version of the hand operated model. The testing instrument is operated by a gear motor.
    • Diameter of the finger is 16 mm for textiles per 25 mm for floor covering
    • Load on the finger is 9N, for leather it is 15N and for floor covering its is 22N ±10%.
    • Length of travel of the finger is measured as 100 ±3 mm.
    • Size of sample: 195*60 mm
    • Counter: 3- digit Digital Preset type
    • range of counter: 999
    • Least Count of counter: 1
    • Length of travel of rubbing finger: 100 ± 3 mm
    • Size of crocking cloth: 50*50 mm
    • Display: Digital (LCD)
    • Material :
    • Mild Steel(Outer Body)
    • Stainless Steel(Inner Body)
    • Finish: Powder coated Havel Gray & Blue combination finish and bright chrome / zinc plating for corrosion resistant finish

    • Latest design of crock-meter with Electronic Control and modern aesthetics.
    • The required number of cycles can be mentioned on a re-settable counter, which can be set to zero after the completion of the process.
    • Motorized oscillating arm with Teflon rollers for noise free working
    • Highly accurate test results under uniform load and specified diameter.
    • Equipped with Teflon rollers to minimize friction
    • Uniform load by weights on finger for evenness in testing
    • Provision of Set number of counts through Digital Preset Counter
    • Firm hold of crocking cloth by Stainless Steel Spring clips/Polycarbonate clips
    • Motorised Geared system for oscillating arm movement
    • Standard crocking cloth as Abradant
    • Crank mechanism for movement of rubbing finger in straight line
    • Digital Presettable counter for Strokes up to 999
    • Highly accurate and precise results under uniform load and rubbing finger movement

    Standards :

    • ISO 105
    • BS EN 20105

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