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Compression Set Apparatus-Constant Strain


Presto’s Compression Set Apparatus-Constant Strain tester is widely used in rubber industry. The instrument is used to evaluate the difference between the original thickness of a test specimen and thickness get after compression and to judge the subsequent recovery. The value, hence gets referred as the percentage of initially applied compression. It is used to retain the elasticity of a rubber after prolonged compression.

Presto’s Compression Set Apparatus is designed to determine compression set under specific strain. The instrument consists of four polished steel plates with plane and analogous ground faces. The plates are held together one above the other by a pair of Allen bolts. Ring shaped spacers of same thickness prepared with magnetic stainless steel are provided with the machine to offer desired compression to the test samples. The apparatus may be kept inside a hot air oven for performing tests at different temperatures.

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The compression set is measured after placing the structural element say, specimen either to a constant deflection or under a specific load. Compression set under even deflection is determined by placing a cylindrical disc shaped test sample under fixed tension for a specific period of time at either room temperature or any other specific temperature and then leaving it to recover for a given period of time.


    • 3 Samples can be tested at a time
    • The instrument is equipped with S.S. Plates having dimensions 45 x 10 x 130mm.
    • The diameter of the spacers is 30mm.
    • Thickness of the spacers for large test sample is 9.40 +/- 0.01 mm and for small specimen is 4.70 +/- 0.01 mm.

    Optional Accessories:

    • Molding dies made up of carbon steel for molding test specimens.
    • Bench thickness gauge for determining thickness of the rubber sample before and after compression. It is equipped with a dial gauge of 25mm x 0.01mm duly affixed on a stand with a raised anvil of diameter 9.5mm. A spherical pressure foot of diam. 6.33 mm is also attached at the lower end of the dial gauge.

    Related Standards:

    • IS 3400 (Part 10) –1977: Methods of Test for vulcanized Rubbers Part X: Compression Set at Constant
    • ASTM D395 -14: Standard Test Method for Rubber Properties Method B: Compression Set Under Constant Deflection in Air

    • Easy to operate.
    • Provides accurate and reliable results.
    • Supplied with instruction manual and conformance certificate.

Reviews of Compression Set Apparatus-Constant Strain

  1. Prateek
    25 Dec, 2015

    I get a good device to judge the quality of the rubber materials, as this is the best device I received four days ago. The instrument is effective to differentiate the original thickness. Elasticity of rubber is an important feature which can be easily determined with the help of this super-duper machine.

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