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Coating Thickness Gauge non Ferrous

TCT - NF01

Coating thickness gauge is widely used in measuring the coating of the surface. Used widely in metal industries, it can be efficiently used to measure the non-conductive coating over a non-ferrous surface. To protect the metal surfaces from corrosion, they are often coated with paint or metallic coating. To estimate the life and quality, coating thickness measurement in often done. Using a digital gauge eases the process and does not require special skill for this.

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    • Supplied in an industrial Carrying Case
    • Flexible lead Measuring Probes set of 5 Calibration Foils and Zero Disks.
    • Option for single and Multiple point calibration.
    • Based on Eddy current measurement method
    • Thickness Range : 0-1250 micro metre
    • Accuracy : ±2.5 micro metre

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