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Use Pouch Leakage Testing Machine to Ensure High Quality

An unwanted release of product from its packaging can be termed as leakage. Surprising though it may sound, there is nothing like a leak-proof package. It can be leak- resistant which can withstand a certain pressure or condition beyond which it will start leaking. So, any and every package will leak for sure. Higher the resistance, the better the container. Hence, to evaluate the resistance amount, it is necessary to use an accurate pouch leakage testing machine.

Use Pouch Leakage Testing Machine to Ensure High Quality
Want to ensure high leak resistance in your packaging product? Talk to the experts.
There are various types of leak tests among which, The vacuum leak test is the most common and is utilized for a wide range of packages such pouch or sachet, etc. this test is conducted by placing a package inside a transparent chamber like a desiccator, applying vacuum and holding it there for a particular time period. The product will be pressurized during the vacuum phase and will be released from the leak points if any. This test is very easy and versatile.

Presto’s Vacuum Leak Tester is precisely designed to conduct a visual inspection to evaluate the seal integrity of packages under a specified vacuum. The instrument’s application varies from pharmaceuticals, drugs, food to FMCG pouches, daily chemical products, electronic components, medical instruments, cars, stationeries, and industrial products.

pouch leakage testing machine
The testing instrument complies with world trusted international quality standards. Inside the chamber, a fixed vacuum is generated to test the leak resistance of the packaging and compute the integrity.

Important features we deliver:
• The machine is equipped with digital graphical LCD display.
• For the automatic release of vacuum at the end of the process, you can set the retention time.
• Printed reports can be retrieved which mentions sample id, batch number, test number, date, time, hold time, test result, vacuum pressure, retention time, hold time etc.
• The user can set multiple parameters easily with the help of menu driven system.
• The output controls are SSR-based.
• Real-time clock and PID parameters set table are available.
• The user can feed the name of the test providing it an identification.
• Data can be stored with the help of RS232 / USB interface.
• The menu-driven system has a feather touch key operation.

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