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Testing Color Fastness of Fabrics Using Crock Meter

Textile industries have always been popular and have a wide scope across the globe. With the altering developments of fashionable outfits; there is a huge demand for high-quality fabrics and textile product in the market. The competition has increased this much that to stand in the first of the line on must deliver standard material to the customer. Therefore, it is important for the manufacturers of textile industries to ensure that only high-quality of fabrics will be produced by them. In this blog section, we will read more about how using Crock meter can ensure quality production of coloured fabrics.

Testing Color Fastness of Fabrics Using Crock Meter

With the increasing demand of the fabrics, it has become mandatory for the manufacturers to test the quality of the textile products. In the highly competitive world, no manufacturers can survive for long period of time, if they offer low-quality products. There are many attributes of the garments that explain the properties such as yarn count, GSM of fabrics, smoothness, color fastness, button snap strength and so forth. Among these, we will focus on the testing the colour fastness of fabrics to rubbing.

It has been observed that when the fabrics are not made up of true and strong colours or the bond strength of the colour and the cloth is weak they tend to lose its colour quality within a short period of time.

Standardized machinery is used to evaluate the colour transfer from the surface of one material to another via wet rubbing or dry rubbing.

Testing Procedure

To perform the test procedure appropriately, take a piece of crocking cloth which is provided with the machine and soak it in the distilled water. Now remove the excessive amount of water from the fabrics and fix it on the finger of the machine. Now mount the printed material which you need to test for testing colour fastness strength. Set the required number of cycles so that the material can be rubbed over the sample to test the color fastness strength. This test will help to measure the colourfastness quality of the printed materials by measuring the colour of the crocking colour using colour transfer scale. The test procedure offers precise results.

Presto offers highly accurate and well-designed crock meter at best possible prices that help the manufacturers to measure the color fastness of fabrics. It is a highly effective testing machine that offers accurate test results.

Apart from performing the colour fastness test, the testing machine performs dry/wet abrasion, flexing powdering, scuffing, ink abrasiveness, etc. Test conditions on the samples are created by exerting required amount of motion and pressure.

Crock meter


It is one of the best testing devices provided to test the colourfastness of textile materials and fabrics. The instrument is user-friendly to operate and offers accurate test results.

For more information on the machine’s specification or to get a quote, kindly contact our experts.

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