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Role of Heat Sealer in Packaging Quality Control

Stand up pouches are one of the most effective and innovative packaging styles on the market today. What differentiates these containers from traditional lightweight plastic bags is their ability to stand vertically on shelves, making them the perfect alternative to flimsy cardboard boxes. They show off a brand’s distinct logos, taglines, graphics, and color schemes better than a container that lies flat and remains obscured by the store displays, signage, and other eye-catching materials that are scattered throughout retail locations. In this post we will learn more about the role of heat sealer in testing the quality of seal under high temperature.

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Stand up pouches are an inventive and popular solution because they keep air, vapour, and odour out of the container better than a standard plastic zip lock bag. Each pouch is produced using multiple layers of scientifically developed plastic that are laminated together, resulting in a tougher barrier that protects the shape and quality of the products inside while keeping them safe from spoilage or pests. The bottom of a stand up pouch is structured in a way that supports the side barrier layers, allowing the package to remain upright before and after it has been opened.

The key to ensuring this type of packaging properly contains your product and remains standing is through the use of heat sealing.

A stand up pouch heat sealer does the job of locking each protective layer of food grade, FDA-approved plastic together, creating a structure unlike any other. However, because stand up pouches can be produced using a variety of materials to suit your product’s needs, not every type of heat sealer will work with your individual packaging. Stand up pouches can be made with external layers that include Mylar, metalized foil, and kraft paper, and each requires a different type of stand up pouch heat sealer to perfectly secure the layers together and make sure your product’s freshness and quality are locked in tight and
sustained throughout the transportation, manufacturing, and purchasing stages.

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Presto Heat Sealer is a consistent tool used to perform sealing on flexible packaging products and other thermoplastic materials using pressure and heat by maintaining high temperatures.  A heat sealer is used to measure the heat seal performance of composite films, plastic films such as PP, PE used in packaging different food products such as milk powder, instant noodle, food, washing powder, and drugs.

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