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Get Tensile Strength of Yarn by Single Yarn Strength Tester

The strength of a single yarn or thread is calculated by estimating the load which a specified length of yarn can take prior breaking. By using an accurate single yarn strength tester the frequency can be easily calculated at which the yarns break when it is unwound from a package under given conditions of tension.

single yarn strength tester
Why is it import to test the yarn strength?
In textile industries, strength holds a fundamental importance in grading a series of yarns, or for correlating the strength of yarns with measurable properties of the raw cotton. Strength tests are basically comparative tests, conducted with a view to obtaining the level to which the sample tested meets to a certain standard. It is, therefore, a basic test in evaluating the spinning property of cotton. But in order to achieve an analyzed perception of the strength property for any yarn, it is important to get precise knowledge of the nature and distribution of the yarn. Since the frequency-distribution of local strength is based upon the length of the sample, the length-strength relationship or strength gradient serves as a criterion in strength determination.

Tailored for textiles, Presto Group proudly presents the Single Yarn Strength Tester. It is used to determine the breaking load and extension of single yarns and threads. It is widely used in dyeing textile industry for quality estimation. The equipment is available in different capacities of 5 kg, 10 kgf, 20 kg.

Get Tensile Strength of Yarn by Single Yarn Strength Tester

It is utilized to calculate the elongation of yarn and its tensile strength in a single step. The value is evaluated by clamping the test specimen between two yarn holders, arranged one above the other for continuous tensile stresses until it ruptures. At the same time, elongation can also be determined, when the extension of the sample held between the clamps during the tensile test. The test results are recorded live during the test and can be seen on the digital screen for further estimation.

Important features we deliver with the testing instrument:
• The machine is equipped with a user-friendly digital display which is quite easy to operate and can report live test recordings.
• It assures high quality along with technical support.
• The machine requires less maintenance and provides better efficiency.
• The laboratory equipment is supplied along with a user guide, dust cover and conformance certificate.

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