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Bennewart Flex Tester

Bennewart Flex tester is a consistent tool useful for checking the resistance of vulcanized rubber or synthetic elastomers to cut growth. The rubber form cracks when subjected to repeat flexing or bending under specified conditions or duration, and hence this instrument helps to assess the surface patterns when subjected to crack initiation and growth.

Presto’s Bennewart flex tester helps to determine the resistance of material to cut growth at the time of repeated flexing. The testing instrument is used to assess the result of surface patterns on crack commencement and enlargement. This test procedure is applied to the soles of footwear, and other flexible components. The instrument is used widely in the rubber industry.

Presto’s Bennewart Flex Tester comprises a drive unit duly attached to an electric motor along with belts and pulleys with a link mechanism. The machine comprises of two sample slots  to hold the specimen. The mechanism provides an oscillating movement to one of the two grips holding the two ends of the test sample; other grip kept fixed. It is elegantly designed with a sturdy base. A slitting punch with a jig for making cracks and cutting die to prepare a test specimen are available with the instrument as optional accessories.

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    • Angle of flexing provided in the instrument is 90°± 2º
    • Number of specimens required for commencing the test procedure is 2 for full sole and 6 for cut test specimen
    • Diameter of bending mandrel is 30 mm
    • Frequency of operation is 125 – 150 cycles per minute.
    • The testing instrument is equipped with a motor of ½ HP that can be operated on single phase 230volts AC.
    • The machine has a preset digital counter with memory backup.
    • Counter Digits: 6 Digit (Preset)
    • Motor: ½ HP
    • Material: Mild Steel
    • Finish: Powder coated Havel Gray & Blue combination finish and bright chrome / zinc plating for corrosion resistant finish


    • SATRA PM 161: Bennewart Flex Tester Resistance to cut growth on Flexing.
    • IS 15298(part1)-2002: Safety, Protective and Occupational Footwear for Professional Use.
    • BS EN ISO 20344:2004: Safety, protective and occupational footwear for professional use. Requirements and test methods

    • Ensures easy and simple operations.
    • The instrument is equipped with a rigid metallic base plate and painted in Autumn Gray and Blue combination with zinc plating to present a corrosion resistant finish.
    • The Instrument is available with Instruction guide; Electrical Wiring Diagram and Calibration Certificate noticeable to NABL approved Labs.
    • Digital Preset counter incorporated for accuracy and repeatability
    • Robust Construction with rigid metallic base
    • Eccentric and link mechanism for grips movement
    • Aesthetically designed using heavy metal guide rods
    • Ease of use of sample placements using flexing fixtures
    • Fully automatic test cycle after settings through digital preset cyclic counter
    • Oscillating grips with gun metal bushes
    • Strong gripping system to hold samples in same vertical plane

4 Reviews of Bennewart Flex Tester

  1. Prithvi
    24 Dec, 2015

    Good, efficient and reliable tester. I get a good device for completing the quality control task effectively. I like the instrument and looking forward to search more equipment similar to bennewart flex tester.

  2. Om Prakash
    27 Feb, 2016

    A good saver tool from the frequent flexing of the material. A very useful tool to check the surface pattern. We are the shoe sole manufacturers and for us nothing could be better than the Bennewart Flex Tester. Now we can guarantee our products with confidence.

  3. Gopal
    02 Mar, 2016

    Good, effective and likable product.

  4. Jay Verma
    03 Mar, 2016

    Good, effective and likable product

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