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Presto’s Beesley balance is used for calculating direct yarn count. The weighing scale is made of an aluminum shaft which revolved at a bracket with the help of two crystal bearing. The beam on both the sides is equipped with a stainless steel hook for placing the yarn. The pointer side of the shaft is provided with a slot for hanging the weight. The beam assembly is fixed in a metal sheet box which has a transparent sliding window for evading the air flow in the instrument.

Presto’s Beesley Balance is equipped with a template to prepare the specimen of different sizes. Once the fabric is produced, it goes through the process of weaving, dyeing, bleaching, etc. These processes increase or decrease the measurement of fineness of fabric. Hence, to determine the fineness or counts of yarn, Bessley Balance is widely used.

In the Direct system, Yarn Count refers to the thickness of a thread and is measured by its mass per unit length.

For instance,

Tex = Number of Grams in 1 Km length of Yarn,

Denier = Number of Grams in 9000m of Yarn


1 Denier = 1/9 of a Tex.


In Indirect System, the count refers to a fixed number of units of fixed length of a thread which provides fixed weight.


For instance,

Cotton = No. of Hanks in 1 Pound of thread,

Metric = No. of Kilometers of thread in 1 kilogram.


Irrespective of the methodology of counts, there are two basic requirements for measuring counts:

  • Accurate Length of a specimen
  • Accurate weight of a specimen

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    • A pattern is provided with the testing equipment for cutting the fabric material in different sizes.
    • The instrument is delivered with two weights, an instruction brochure, and a calibration certificate perceptible to NABL approved labs.
    • The machine is chrome plated & dark gray in color with metallic paint for providing the corrosion resistant finish.
    • Balancing: Precision Jewel Bearing
    • Sampling: Using Template
    • Cotton Template: 100 mm
    • Metric Template: 56 mm
    • Wool Skin Template: 30 mm
    • Half Cotton Template: 50 m
    • Linen Template: 35 mm
    • Leveling: Levelling Screws
    • Suspender Hook: Yes
    • Calibration Rider: Yes
    • Material of Main Body: Mild Steel
    • Standards: ASTM D2260-96, ASTM D3776, BS 2865, and ISO 7211

    • Provides high efficiency.
    • Ensures Silent and Smooth operations.
    • High Quality structure with corrosion resistant main body
    • Lightweight and resilient
    • Pivot Mechanism with suspender hook
    • Single handed hassle-free operation with precision jewel bearing
    • Noiseless and smooth operation

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  1. Paramjeet
    24 Dec, 2015

    The Beesley balance by Presto is one of the most accurate instrument to measure the yarn count in textile industry. The instrument si accurate and has a simplistic use.

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