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DIN Abrasion Tester in Bahrain

Presto offers and manufactures the high-quality DIN Abrasion Tester in Bahrain for testing the abrasion resistance of various materials when they are used for extreme abrasion. The device is appropriate for testing plastics, rubber, polymers, etc. The instrument is easy to operate and provides precise test results. Before and after the abrasion is performed, the test samples are weighed to determine the materials removed from the surface. This is done to get an accurate inspection of abrasion resistance of the specimen. The machine fulfills all the required standards and thus meets the requirement of international industries as well.

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Presto’s DIN Abrasion Tester in Bahrain has an extensive use in various industries to test the abrasion resistance of the materials. The effective abrasive material is used in the device for providing effective abrasion on the test sample for exact inspection. The tool has adjustable limit switches, automatic electric lock, and mechanical lock that improves the performance and enables precise test findings.

    • The device performs the test at 5 N and 10 N loads.
    • The roller has a diameter of 15 mm and a length of 460 mm with moving speed 40 rpm.
    • The single rotation of the holder is 4.2 mm.
    • The dimensions of the machine are 95 X 36 X 46 mm, and weight is 75 kilograms (85 kilograms after packaging).
    • The required power supply is 220 volts AC single phase.

    • The instrument has a very simple operation, as anyone can understand and operate easily.
    • The automatic electrical lock-in is used to stop the roller immediately once the test is done.
    • The mechanical lock replaces abrasive material from the roller.
    • The adjustable limit switches prevent the holder and roller from over traveling.



    IS 3400 (part 3)-2012

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